Ronald's Plant sculptures were inspired by the influence of the Art Nouveau period. Here plant shapes are individually cut and assembled to make vessels. Multiple glazes and stains are airbrushed resulting in variegated natural green shades descending from dark to white. The interiors muted blues add mystery to the vessels. The highly decorative forms are also functional.

In Ronald's series of Sculptural vessels, figures emerge from the clay moving around the entire form. Originally the figures were done as a tribute to Henri Matisse's Dancers that form a circle. The surface and color of the figures is the natural clay body emerging from an iron oxide field. Movement and spontaneity are the goals of this artistic statement. The interior is glazed to make the forms functional.

Sibylle's Clay Painting motifs are found amongst the flowers she grows. A bright and lively palette make the painterly slabs attractive artistic statements. The glazes and stains used to paint the floral arrangements offer permanence that exceeds other media. These paintings can be displayed in any location without fear of exposure to sun, grease films, or dust. Clean the surface as you would any fired clay surface.

Sibylle's Pottery
58 McQuestion Rd. Merrimack, NH 03054