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We have enjoyed a collaborative studio for over 20 years. Our individual creative approach is very diverse.  Sibylle will risk all by taking an idea through to completion in clay and then evaluate the fired results. Ron prefers to eliminate reduce much risk by sketching prior to working with the clay. We benefit from the exposure to our creative diversity and personalities. We exchange ideas, criticize, and suggest directions to follow. Sibylle's appreciation of movement and flow has led to a body of altered forms. Ron is attracted to graphic design and sculptural elements in his work. We are both energized by the fulfillment of the creative process.
Our combined talents have enabled us to produce a wide range functional/decorative work. The lines comprise: Sumi-e style painted surfaces, Celadon and Red accents graphically contrasted, Cratered like surfaces, as well as Air Brushed colors and forms for Japanese style flower arranging. Sibylle has expanded the sumi-e decorative technique to colorful clay paintings. Our gardens provide the subjects for the paintings.

Our formal education is in the arts. Sibylle began her studies in Europe and continued her education at FIT in NYC where we met. Ronald was attending Cooper Union at the time after fine art classes at The Brooklyn Museum Art School. We have continued our clay studies through courses and workshops sponsored by the League of NH Craftsmen, Worcester Art center and the NH Potters Guild.

Sibylle's Pottery
58 McQuestion Rd. Merrimack, NH 03054